‘Gaslit by doctors,’ patients are turning to Silicon Valley for relief

I don’t know. This may be “jumping from the frying pan into the fire.” {{ LOL }}

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This is very destructive.

The problem can be not hearing what the doctors are saying.

Then going to BS means messing around more with the advice given by doctors.

And then there’s this: Back around 2003/2004 I was suffering from some symptoms. “Doctors were baffled.” So, I thought I gotta run this by another doctor, but I wasn’t expecting much. So, while I’m explaining this to the new doc I say “I hope you don’t think I’m just being a hypochondriac.” He says: “You know what a psycho-somatic illness is”?
I do but before I could start a reply he says: A psycho-somatic illness is something that usually afflicts doctors. When they say it’s “all in your head” it’s usually all in their head. Anyway, I got properly diagnosed and dropped the cause of it and felt much better