Geo-Economic-Political Change US Nation Policy…

he administration has experienced regional blowback in the leadup to the Summit of the Americas set to be held next month in Los Angeles. Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, a leader of the left-wing National Regeneration Movement (Morena) party, has threatened to boycott the event if all countries were not invited, and several other Caribbean leaders have followed suit.
Meaning Cuba & Venezuela.

Just one day after relaxing some restrictions against leftist-led Cuba, President Joe Biden’s administration has announced an easing of certain sanctions against oil-rich Venezuela.

A senior Biden administration official told reporters Tuesday that California-based Chevron Corporation would be permitted to negotiate its license with Venezuela’s state-owned oil company, PDVSA, with the potential for conducting future activities, without yet reversing restrictions that would allow it to do business in the country.

Up coming elections in US & high gasoline prices & push back from other Latin American countries seems to effect US policy toward Cuba & Venezuela.
I can’t see US maintaining restrictions if it is allowing Chevron to talk with Venezuela.

Suppose they gave a summit, and nobody came?

In a spectacular act of defiance against America’s claimed right to control the hemisphere, the protest against the US hosted, by invitation only, Summit of the Americas is growing.

This really turning into an embarrassment for the US.
Latin nations are standing up to the “Exceptional” nation and are no longer being lackeys.

Mark Weisbrot, Co-Director of the Center For Economic Policy and Research and an expert on Latin America, told me in a personal correspondence that “it’s kind of outrageous for the US to be deciding by itself who can come to this multilateral summit against the wishes of the almost all the other governments in the hemisphere.”

He added that, despite the excuse given by the US, “hardly anyone believes it has anything to do with human rights or democracy.” “In fact,” Weisbrot says, “that’s the most outrageous part of it. The US government has actively tried to destabilize or overthrow multiple governments in this hemisphere in just the 21st century, including efforts that contributed to actual military coups in Haiti (twice), Honduras, Bolivia, Venezuela, and regime change in Brazil and Paraguay; as well as other interference in Argentina, Cuba, Nicaragua, and others.”

And what is worse; Latin nation’s defiance extends to US Ukraine policy.
The integrated challenge to US hegemony is not only being launched locally but in foreign policy as well. US hegemony in the hemisphere was recently defied In the General Assembly vote to condemn Russia. Venezuela didn’t participate in the vote because it has unpaid UN membership dues. Cuba, Bolivia, El Salvador and Nicaragua all abstained. Mexico has refused to join the US led sanctions, and Brazil has said that it refuses to take sides in the conflict and that it will remain "impartial.

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Latin politics as usual?

Yankee go home. Leave us a loan.

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Latin politics as usual?

Yankee go home. Leave us a loan.


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