George Hotz, the programming prodigy Elon Musk has asked to help fix Twitter

What’s really happening at Twitter…

The Captain


So far he has managed to turn it around - from a stumbling but important social media franchise into a world wide laughingstock. So - it’s a direction, at least.


Still a childish mind…to match Musk’s…

Expanding on his personal philosophy, Hotz echoes Musk’s planned human mission to Mars, saying: “Tomorrow, if I had a strong superhuman AI, I would have it build me a spaceship and get out of here as close to the speed of light as I can.”

Pretty sure that’s Musk, not Hotz responsible for that. But as a Twitter user, I don’t see any change so far. The site is available, the stuff I see is pretty much the same as before, it isn’t particularly slower or faster. The people I follow are (mostly) still there posting the same stuff as before.

Since I follow Elon on Twitter, that’s really the only change I’ve seen. His tweets are increasingly unhinged, and mostly with and about alt-right idiots and causes. Now there’s only the occasional tweet about what matters to me: stuff about Tesla and SpaceX, and sometimes Neuralink and Boring Co.

So the changes are almost all reputational.



Sounds like the 80% of the staff that was fired was redundant after all. :wink:

The Captain


I doubt anywhere near that high. Musk will no doubt have to put back in place many of the functions at the company that he depopulated. There are a variety of compliance issues that are no doubt being ignored, as well as advertising support. Now it’s possible he’ll hire better, more efficient people, and automate a bunch of processes, but it seems unlikely to happen quickly.

His whole notion that “free speech” somehow means anybody can say anything legal is vehemently disagreed with by most of the world, especially most advertisers. So teams that make sure that the site is actively working to stay free of threats of violence, child pornography, and such will be required. Also those that provide certification of their efforts to governments.

I don’t see anything different on my feed whether or not these people work at Twitter, but it certainly matters to Twitter’s viability as a business.



Musk is swaying the incoming house.


Report on NPR out of India, a single tweet that is racist can get people riled up enough to march through the streets and kill an innocent person. That can come to America next.

Twitter had blocked the offenders’ accounts earlier. Musk had them unblocked for freedom of speech.

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