The Chaos Grows: More Problems At Twitter With Merry Ole Soul Musk

The article:

Not that it works all that well: it has been a torrid few weeks for Twitter, with a change to the computer code that keeps the app running ensuring last week that images wouldn’t load and links would lead to nowhere. The reason? An overworked, undermotivated, single engineer had been asked to make a change without any oversight from his colleagues. When things went wrong, the remaining staff had to scramble to try and fix things.

It was emblematic of the issues Twitter faces. Staff are expected to make unrealistic numbers of changes to key features on the platform in next-to-no time, all while lacking the support of colleagues who just a few months ago had been on the platform. Getting things wrong risks the ire of your boss, who has willingly attacked a disabled employee to his 118 million followers this week.
“It’s a pressure cooker,” says one remaining staff member, speaking on condition of anonymity. “There are no guidelines. There’s no respect. There’s absolutely zero transparency. It’s awful.”


Welcome back and hope all went well…doc


Sour grapes?

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Genius or sociopath? Why limit yourself to one or the other, when both can be correct?

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**Just added the news that Mexican cartels are recruiting on Twitter. Ooooh, and if you’re a Tesla investor, you might want to see who Musk just insulted on Twitter from the GQP side of things. Dirty fun for the whole damn incel Army standing around trying to figure, “Do we support Musk now, or hate him again?” **

Twitter has bigger problems: Zuck is on the prowl. Let’s hope Murdoch buys Twitter and lets it flame out like MySpace (Rupert, you should offer 2 cents on the dollar now that Musk is down with the drug cartels who are killing Americans.)

Not everything went well being raised in a village.