German model links retirement age to life expectancy

Interesting. The Germans are considering a national pension system that caps the number of retirees at 40% of the patriotic, wage-slaving population. Then adjusts the retirement age to make that happen.

Glad I got out when I did.



How far can you raise the retirement age? How much resentment does it breed? The only practical way to fund retirement with an aging demographic is immigration or euthanasia. The median age in Africa is 18.8 years. There are billions of young people on the planet who would happily pay first world taxes in exchange for first world salaries.


If you raise it from 65 to 68 in one shot, then it’ll cause lots of resentment. Witness what happened in France a year or two ago!

If you raise it from 65 to 65.15 one year, it’ll cause a lot less resentment. And then you raise it from 65.15 to 65.3 the next year. And so on. Basically, you spread the resentment widely in time. That’s pretty much what the Germans are thinking of doing.

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I read the thread title and thought this was going to be a study predicting life expectancy based on the age you retire. :rofl: