German Union Tells Musk "Nein Dahnke"

June 2, 2022
2:05 PM UTC
Last Updated 16 min ago
The Great Reboot

‘Nein danke’: Musk’s office ultimatum faces pushback in Germany

The IG Metall union in the German state of Brandenburg Sachsen, where Tesla’s plant is located, said it would support any employee who opposed Musk’s ultimatum. Tesla employs around 4,000 people in Germany and plans to expand the workforce to 12,000.

“Whoever does not agree with such one-sided demands and wants to stand against them has the power of unions behind them in Germany, as per law,” Birgit Dietze, the district leader for IG Metall in Brandenburg Sachsen, said.

Employees at Tesla’s plant in Gruenheide, Germany, elected 19 people to its first workers’ council in February, setting the plant apart from others run by the carmaker in the United States and elsewhere without union representation, which Musk has fiercely resisted.

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The hubris, the irony:

Musk, who has helped shift the traditional car sector to an all-electric future making himself the world’s richest man in the process, had blunt words for companies that didn’t require staff to be back in the office full-time.

“There are of course companies that don’t require this, but when was the last time they shipped a great new product? It’s been a while,” Musk wrote in the email.

Borowitz’s take:

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