Tesla Sweden Worker Strike Spiraling Out of Control

Elon is a hard *ss with his anti-union stance. Will rgat stance cause blow back. Could his German manufacturing operation be affected?


This new effort seemed to be manageable for Tesla since it would just involve about 100 service workers in Sweden, but it has now grown into the most serious effort that Tesla had to deal with to date.

That’s because several other unions in the country have joined forces to mess with Tesla’s operations in order to put pressure on the company.

Port workers, electricians, and cleaning services that deal with Tesla in the country have refused to work with the company since the service workers announced the strike.

As we previously reported, Elon Musk has reportedly told Tesla Sweden that they are not allowed to sign any collective agreement with a union.

This zealot approach has stalled negotiations and encouraged more unions to take actions against Tesla, even outside of Sweden.

Yesterday, a union of port workers in Denmark said that they won’t move Tesla vehicles coming through their port.

Today, we learn that Fellesforbundets, Norway’s biggest private-sector union, is joining the fight against Tesla.

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From what I’ve read, Elon is refusing to go along with the labor laws in that part of the world. Not sure why he expects to get away with this.

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Because he is vindictive billionaire Elon?

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