Getting 2 dividend weekly pay checks

Getting 2 dividend weekly paychecks

Thursdays get $0.02 cents with Sofi Weekly Dividend ETF (WKLY)
Fridays get $0.05 cents with Sofi Weekly Income ETF (TGIF)……


I love you dearly. But your pitch for WKLY and TGIF was posted in the wrong forum. Not only that, the two ETFs aren’t worth considering, because their payouts are so low. (Roughly, 1% and 2.5%, resp.) Worse, anyone who buys either will lose likely lose more in principal than they might ever gain in dividends.

If you want an income stream with frequent payouts --say, monthly-- , a couple hundred better paying common stocks, or ETFs, or preferreds can easily be found using Schwab’s scanners.




However, as a swing trader, one would make more money as shown below. We only rent or date the stocks.… Buy signal was on 5/20.… Buy signal was on 5/13.

Enjoy the weekend and just watched the Blue Angles Air show.

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You gotta get your story straight.

First, you pitched WKLY and TGIF as divvie plays. Now, after I called you on that, you’re trying to pitch them as Cap Gains plays. But if you plot either against a commonly-used, broad-market index such as the cap-weighted SPY or the equally-weighted RSP, you’ll see that WLKY has a very high correlation with both, and that TGIF has a low correlation, around 0.50.

So, what’s going on? If you pull the schedule of holdings for both of them, you’ll see that WKLY is just a mutual fund that owns divvie stocks, takes its cut from that income stream, and then parcels out what’s remaining to shareholders on a weekly basis. In other words, it’s just an expensive, unneeded annuity.

TGIF is an entirely different animal. It owns bonds, but runs the same scam of siphoning off a good portion of the income stream for itself and then parcel out the remainder to shareholders on a weekly basis. In other words, it’s just an expensive, unneeded annuity.

Don’t get me wrong. You’re one of the best traders I know with an unmatched, unmatchable, 24/7 work ethic. But you really don’t understand divvie stocks, nor bonds, nor the best ways for “average” investors to create income streams for themselves. And, yeah, you and I can go back and forth about that, and both of us are likely to benefit from the interchange. But this isn’t the right forum to be doing that.




No problem, just waiting for the sell signal by Simon & co. and out moving on with the spare change to my favourite 2.5 % theory.
Speaking of the 2.5%, Thursday/Friday had 4 out of 5 successful trades with TRCH shy by 0.4 cents. We’ll gettem Tuesday. Found 5 more for Tuesday at 10am.

Looking into Bot trading FOREX’s. Again just LOOKIN.

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“Looking into Bot trading FOREX’s. Again just LOOKIN.”


The Chinese have a saying. “Never try to tell someone already doing it that something’s impossible”. So, if your heart really is set on trading forex algorithmically, then go for it.

But I’d suggest you back off, for two reasons. #1, You’ve already got too many irons in the fire. #2, Forex is a very demanding specialization that --like options-- is pitched to wide-eyed, small-account, small-experience newbies, because them who really run those games need a constant flow of fresh, dumb money.


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Copy that.