GMail on Android

I got my new Galaxy S22 and set up GMail using the native app which came with the phone. The problem is that there seems to be no way to opt for POP3 – the app automagically goes to IMAP. Is there any way around that either by settings on the phone or by going directly to the GMAIL on the web?

Note 1: When I go to the gmail website and look under the options for “Forwarding and POP/IMAP”, POP is enabled and IMAP is disabled.

Note 2: My main concern in all this is that I don’t want to delete something from my phone and also have it deleted from the server.

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It is hardly a surprise Google does not bother to write a POP3 app for Android or Apple or anybody.

Why is it a problem to retain a copy on your device?

I think of and treat the email on the server as my “master”, with the email clients (be it TB on the PC, or the GMail on the phone) as individual, local copies. If I accidentally delete something on TB (done as POP), I know I can recover it from the GMail server. I’d like the same done on the phone.

Hate to show my ignorance but what is “TB”?

I think they are referring to the Mozilla email program called Thunderbird. Its a free email program you can install on your computer, create your own email addresses and essentially be free of Yahoo or Gmail etc. Many of us have run it or are running it in lieu of the ones run by big tech…doc
Thunderbird — Make Email Easier. — Thunderbird

Much grass Doc. I appreciate it. Had he just said Thunderbird I would have understood.

Mozilla is releasing an Android version of TB (Thunderbird) next year!!