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OK, first off, I’m the guy still using G-mail even though I’ve stopped using Google search and within the Account Settings, I’ve ticked all the recommended privacy boxes to lock Google down as much as possible (& use Brave instead of Chrome). But I still like G-mail and I’ve tried most of the alternatives – so until I give up, here’s a new issue.

Sometimes when I sign into G-mail: after entering U-name and PW, Google will send a email with a code to my account. HUH! I’m trying to sign into G-mail and they send a code to G-mail? How do I change that (can’t find anything in the 2FA set-up to change that). [I just have to go to my Iphone and check my email there where I never get a prompt or issue with signing in since I’m always signed in on the Iphone]

Other times it sends a code to Google photos. If they say so, I’ve never gotten a code in Google photos.

Other times it sends a code to an old tablet I don’t use anymore. Again, where do I change this stuff in my Google account?

When I say sent a prompt to my phone, it says I’m not signed in so no prompts are sent. Why not just send my an SMS like everyone else does?

Off to look again. Their security section is one of the most confusing around.



Sounds like you may have locked it down, too much? Without knowing what all you’ve done, it will be hard to make any suggestions… did you supply them with a text #?

I do know that when I have FF clear cookies, I have an email addy that ALWAYS sends a code to my phone# via SMS… else I’m locked out… and this is a good thing, IMPO. This is one of my main emails…

Think the best plan now is to turn off 2FA and think about starting over. Or skip it.

Except you can no longer opt out of 2FA on Google accounts.

Just did. Got the notification via email that I opted out. Guess I’m special.

The more I think I know, the less. It’s the gotcha’s these days.

Except you can no longer opt out of 2FA on Google accounts.…

And that option has been taken away from google apps and and will be taken away from regular accounts. I manage around 7000 G-Apps I do sometimes know what I am saying here.

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I manage around 7000 G-Apps

What does that mean/entail?

It means I manage 7000 google apps users so I might possibly have a clue what I am talking about. But my advice, being free, is worth exactly what you pay for it.