GolfCaddy4PLynch Portfolio Update

This is my first time posting a portfolio review.

My goal is to contribute more to this board in 2021. I have found it an excellent resource and hope I can add a unique perspective. I want to say thank you to everyone who contributes to this board. I enjoy being able to come here to participate in in-depth discussions with so many smart people.

About Me:
I have worked in internet media and technology on the business side my entire career. I live in the SF Bay Area and focus on investing in what I know, high-tech growth companies.

Investing Style:
I like to buy small positions, this gets me focused to learn about a company. Then I sell, or I add to it over time in small increments depending on a variety of factors. Some positions I hold for years, others for only a few months. My goal is CAGR. Not 10-baggers and I try hard not to fall in love with a stock. My aim is to maximize my returns and I have no allegiance to any particular method or style of approach.

Up 23.11% year to date.

Up 20.43% in Jan.
Up 2.22% in Feb.

I was up 39% YTD at one point in Feb. But with all the volatility, I am very happy that I am still in the positive for Feb


MGNI 17.53%
CRWD 13.48%
FCASH 12.25%
SE 10.30%
TWLO 9.40%
DDOG 8.24%
NET 8.15%
ASAN 6.30%
FVRR 6.18%
FUBO 4.19%
CLOV 3.03%
IPOE 0.96%

Major changes to my portfolio:

Sold out of SQ
I had held this stock for years. Now that it’s over 100B in market cap it was time to sell. I needed to raise cash for taxes and I don’t like how closely intertwined SQ has become with BitCoin.

Sold out of SNAP
It had a nice pop in Jan and I wanted cash to start positions in a few smaller names. I am worried about the iOS 14.5 changes and I am staying away from any app-based advertising businesses for now.

Sold out of LOTZ
Started a small position and changed my mind. I thought my timing was off. I may get back in.

Sold out of FSRV
Started a small position and changed my mind. I like fintech, but this just had too much exposure to risky subprime lending.


My largest position. I have posted a bit about this company on the board. I know Saul is not a fan and that’s OK. I like their partnership with Hulu/Disney and think they are in a strong place to capture a big portion of CTV growth. The transition from traditional to digital TV advertising will accelerate significantly in 2021 and I believe Hulu/Disney will be the big winner over YouTube and Roku because they have the largest selection of brand-friendly content that advertisers will pay a premium for.

Plenty of talk on this board about this stock.

The leader in emerging market e-commerce in South East Asia still has a massive runway for growth. They are based in Singapore which is one of the few foreign markets whose regulators I trust. I also think they are able to operate in markets that will prove difficult for foreign competitors to access due to logistical, cultural, and regulatory challenges.

I am a big believer in the CEO. I like the business, I like the growth numbers, and I like their aggressive style. As SaaS matures the marketing will become a bigger and bigger aspect of success. I think Twilio gets that. And they are now well position do be the next Salesforce.

Another board favorite. Nothing to add.

Another board favorite. Nothing to add.

I think this is a great product and I like the management team. I think this is a better alternative to SMART. I like that it has the same viral adoption model as Slack, instead of the traditional top-down enterprise sales model.

LinkedIn is now trying to compete having created a freelance marketplace, called uhh… Marketplace. I think that is a great sign. It is validation that FVRR is well-positioned for growth. I also don’t think LinkedIn will succeed in competing with them as it’s not their primary business.

A controversial growth stock. I like the streaming sports play. With live sports coming back in 2021 this company will see huge growth. The sports betting component only makes the long-term growth potential larger.

I bought a small starter position in this during the short-selling attack after I read through the long and detailed response that the company released. Earnings will be out soon and I will make my decision to buy more, or exit this after the report.

My smallest position. This SPAC has announced a deal to merge with SoFi a private fintech company. I like the SoFi brand and think they have a great reputation with Gen Z and Millennials.


I think 2021 is the year of CTV I may get back into this.

Unique expertise in a high-growth market.

Everyone likes this but the valuation is too rich.

Skin cancer detection without a biopsy, up 141% last quarter.