Great tip to see all lower 48 US Capitols

13,310 miles in 8 1/2 days.

Scroll down and there’s a map showing the route.
Some other graphics are simulations explaining the genetic algorithm Olson developed.…



Over 1000 miles per day? My driving limit is about 1/3 of that. After 5 hours in a car, I’m done. That’s just enough time to get to L.A. from Phoenix. Going north, my limit is roughly Page. If we’re going to Utah, we’ll probably overnight in Page.

Plus I don’t want to risk being a drowsy driver. Very dangerous.


My wife and I have been working on collecting State Capitols for 25 years or so. Of course, we try to do more than just go to the Capitols on our trips and generally keep our driving to maybe 6 hours/day or less. We don’t pick any up some years and multiples other years. We’re up to 32, I think. Just picked up 4 on our trip from PA to AZ and back: Jefferson City, Topeka, Phoenix & Little Rock. Missed OKC because of weather. Went through some other Capital cities, but we’d already collected the Capitols before. Trying to visit as many of the National Parks as we can now, too.

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That “trip” is ridiculous!

As 1pg said >1000 miles/day?
Stop into the Capitol building? And burn rubber to the next one?

What kinda vacation is that?