Group portfolio

For your records, here are the number of shares purchased and the purchase price for each of our holdings. Dividends will be reinvested (for example, a dividend for UPS was reinvested today, 8/12/22, bringing the share count up from 20.40 to 20.55). I’m pretty sure that Morningstar can handle dividends and stock splits, but I don’t think that it can handle spinoffs and mergers without manual entry. As we go along, please let me know about special dividends, spinoffs an other events that affect the share counts. My plan for spinoffs is to sell the shares of the spun off company and to reinvest the proceeds in the parent company. I’ll give an update on the values of the individual holdings and of the total portfolio once a month. Good luck to us.

company, shares purchased, price paid at closing price Aug 8, 2022

Alibaba (BABA), 44.1550, $90.59
Ally Financial (ALLY), 119,5100, $33.47
Alphabet (GOOGL), 34.1501, $117.13
Amazon (AMZN), 28.6924, $139.41
Apple (AAPL), 24.2881, $164.69
ASML (ASML), 6.9839, $572.75
Berkshire Hathaway Class B (BRK.B), 13.6827, $292.34
Blackrock (BLK), 5.7294, $698.16
Blackstone (BX), 38.9446, $102.71
Broadridge (BR), 23.8706, $167.57
Brookfield Asset Management (BAM), 79.3179, $50.43
CarMax (KMX), 40.0320, $99.92
Clearfield (CLDF), 36.2089, $110.47
Constellation Software (CNSWF), 2.3991, $1167.27
Costco (COST), 7.3814, $541.90
Intel (INTC), 113.0582, $35.38
Markel (MKL), 3.3705, $1186.76
McKesson (MCK), 11.5148, $347.38
Meta Platforms (META), 23.4069, $170.89
Microsoft (MSFT), 14.3041, $279.64
Progressive (PGR), 33.6446, $118.89
Qualcomm (QCOM), 20.0618, $147.81
Salesforce (CRM), 21.0804, $189.75
United Parcel Service (UPS), 20.3988, $196.09
UnitedHealth Group (UNH), 7.4533, $536.60
total, $99,999.99


what’s this?

Thanks for creating the portfolio.

Morningstar has been warning lately that their free Portfolio Manager will end soon. In future use of Portfolio monitoring tools will be available only to subscribers.

If you are not a Morningstar subscriber and don’t plan to be you might want to look for another free provider.

I too am looking for an alternative, suggestions welcome.


Thanks, rram. I do subscribe to Morningstar.

sleepydragon, see the thread “highest return” from a few days ago. The board was sharing ideas for stocks that might have high returns over the next 10 years, and I decided to track a virtual portfolio of the picks.


I use Google Sheets. Needs some tinkering at times but I like the optionality. And the sheets can be shared.

I populated finance,yahoo,com and it foots exactly with Morningstar so far. It won’t do dividend reinvestments but that’s fine with me. (Replace commas with periods for the site obviously)

No personal information needed at all.


Google sheets is a better; You can use other financial tool and capture periodic performance on other sheet and use graphs, etc.

Broadridge provides an instant boost to the portfolio, up 7% on earnings beat and raised dividend and outlook.…

Broadridge Financial Solutions (NYSE:BR) turned in better-than-expected fiscal Q4 revenue and earnings and increased its annual dividend by 13%, marking 16 straight years of increases.

For its fiscal 2023, ending June 30, 2023, the company expects adjusted EPS to rise 7%-10%, implying a range of $6.91-$7.11 and a midpoint of ~$7.01. That compares with the consensus estimate of $6.99.

The company, which provides financial technology to banks, broker-dealers, and asset and wealth managers, expects recurring revenue growth of 6%-9% for FY2023, down from 16% growth in FY2022 and closed sales of $270M-$310M (vs. $281.9M in FY2022). Adjusted operating margin is expected to increase by about 50 basis points, implying 19.2% margin vs. 18.7% in the year just ended.

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“I use Google Sheets. Needs some tinkering at times but I like the optionality. And the sheets can be shared.”

The ability for other people to see the portfolio in real time would be nice. One can also do that in MarketWatch Virtual Stock Exchange. and compare the portfolio to other portfolios. Since I already have the portfolio set up in Morningstar, I’ll just leave it there for now. However, I would be very happy to see someone else set up the portfolio in another venue where we all could see it.

No one knows what is in my portfolios or what they are worth … and I won’t show them or make them available - IT’S NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS !

Rich (haywool) farmer and very successful investor

" No one knows what is in my portfolios or what they are worth "

you might want to rethink that for estate planning purposes.

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Group portfolio update, 8/31/22. All holdings had a market value of $4,000 at the close on 8/8/22. Dividends have been reinvested.

Stock, market value

Alibaba (BABA), $4,212.83
Ally Financial (ALLY), 3,967.73
Alphabet (GOOGL), 3,695.72
Amazon (AMZN), 3,637.74
Apple (AAPL), 3,818.58
ASML (ASML), 3,421.69
Berkshire Hathaway Class B (BRK.B), 3,842.10
Blackrock (BLK), 3,818.01
Blackstone (BX), 3,658.46
Broadridge (BR), 4,085.93
Brookfield Asset Management (BAM), 3,826.98
CarMax (KMX), 3,540.43
Clearfield (CLDF), 4,204.22
Constellation Software (CNSWF), 3,622.64
Costco (COST), 3,853.83
Intel (INTC), 3,608.82
Markel (MKL), 4,024.75
McKesson (MCK), 4,232.71
Meta Platforms (META), 3,813.69
Microsoft (MSFT), 3,748.02
Progressive (PGR), 4,126.51
Qualcomm (QCOM), 3,599.44
Salesforce (CRM), 3,291.07
United Parcel Service (UPS), 3,997.49
UnitedHealth Group (UNH), 3,871.24

total, $95,519.71, down 4.48%

S&P 500 index with dividends reinvested, $95,927, down 4.07%


Have a rec for doing the work and sharing it.

And there may be a lesson buried in the results. We’ll see over time.

Keep it up. And thanks.