GTLB and ENPH - Oh My

I have had GitLab on my Watch List for a while now ranging back to its last ER which occurred way back on December 6, 2022. Here is a headline from that report:

So I put them on the old Watch List Stand-By.

The key concerns with GTLB have always been low Operating Margins and whole plethora of competition.

Today the stock is being pummeled to the tune of about -13% or so. Why? Well…they announced today that they are laying-off 7% of their work force. I place this company action squarely in the “Bad” column of Things To Consider and removes them - at least for another ER or so - from the old Watch List - Stand By.

ENPH is getting savaged again today after getting savaged yesterday - this after a really good ER. So why? Maybe because they mentioned that 2023 was gonna be tough on business? Some really smart investors believe that ENPH could be The Stock of the Decade (No one I know has actually said that and I just made that up) and honestly it has both Big Momentum and PO-Tential. Albeit the Big Mo has appeared to wink out a bit - if only temporarily.

So - if you are keen on ENPH - and a lot of really good investors are - then perhaps a nibble or two at this point after consecutive days of stout declines makes sense. At least longer term.

Note: I am an amateur investor and nothing you might see here represents any sort of idea that anyone but a lunatic might follow.

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I commented on ENPH on the ENPH board if you’d like some rationale.

Bottom line, I’m expecting continued high growth, despite a soft 1Q (in the US only per management) and I took advantage of today’s weakness to buy some more calls: January25 $200.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.


I am an investor who obviously needs all the insight and rationale I can get.

Started to dip a toe in early this morning when it was down a larger bunch than the bunch it ended up being down - but just didn’t. Not sure yet whether I wish I had or not. Time will tell I suppose.

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