Guessing others here may be near all-time highs?

My portfolio is up over 3.5% on the day so far, with the biggest gains from NVDA, SHOP, MELI, AAPL, and UBNT. Knowing many here have similar types of holdings, I would guess a lot of other people are having good portfolio days (not that a single day is worth overly celebrating).


Just be ready for Apple to go down on the announcements, that has happened before. So unless you sold your positions it is fun to see the returns but they might not stay.


Nice one volfan84 - I hardly reached half that gain yesterday with 1.65%. My remaining stake in my previous employer was holding me back a little at a sideways move as pretty much everything else in the portfolio was up 2-8%. Annoyingly enough the highest % risers were the ones I wanted to top up like The Trade Desk. RRrr

Another huge single-day gain today (to this point).

NVDA and Baozun (especially my calls) have really soared today. From last Friday’s close, my portfolio is up over 7% from where it ended last week.