What a day. Actually what a couple days. Talk about going from one end of spectrum to the other!

When I went to bed last night, my portfolio was up 2.64% so far this month and 21.7% YTD.

Thursday saw NVDA overtake AMZN as my top position as well as big gain in SWIR among others that led to one of best single days I have had.
SWIR saw an 11.6% gain on Thursday, only to fall back -6.9% today. NVDA followed up a 7.3% gain on Thursday with a 4.4% increase to start the day, getting as hi as $167.03. It fell 10.4% from there tho, to finish the day -6.5%.

What a difference a day can make!

After -1.9% today, my portfolio now looks like this

  June          YTD
+ 0.70%       +19.43

Earlier in the week I had decided to add a little bit to both NVDA and SWIR (FB another one too). After Thursdays big gain, I started to second guess myself. But eventually resolved that I would stick to the plan. Then the way NVDA started to take off today, I started to “third” guess myself but that didn’t last long. In the end, I will probably still add a little next week unless things are really crazy on Monday.

I guess that is a long winded way of saying after all that craziness the past couple days, I plan on just keeping a steady course. Not selling out, selling down, freaking out. Not going crazy “backing up the truck” either. And I think that is generally a pretty successful strategy for portfolio performance.

My 5 biggest losers today

SHOP    -7.48%
SWIR    -6.92%
NVDA    -6.46%
ANET    -4.97%
MELI    -4.53%

Only NVDA is a top 5 holding. But SHOP and MELI are in my top 10.

Here is how my top 5 did today.

NVDA    -7.48%
AMZN    -3.16%
AAPL    -3.88%
SBUX    -0.08%
ATVI    -4.16%

So a pretty rough day to be sure, but definitely not the end of the world. Will it be just a blip? Is it the start of a big drop? Sector rotation or selloff? I guess we will see. Until then I plan on just chugging along, building as I can and looking for opportunities that come along.

Hope nobody is too torn up about today. For most here, it has still been a great year so far.

Have a good weekend everybody and try to forget about the crazy day today!!



What I said in a couple other posts is that “this” is a system. Saul has a system. “his” stocks tend to move more than the market (beta). In the long run, he is able to outperform the S&P consistently (Alpha). Your take on this system needs to be strong and it needs to let you have confidence. You need to think about what you will do IF the market goes down 10-15%. Look at the stocks you listed, they went down several times the market - and they went up faster, which is why you are beating the market. What might they go down if the market goes down 15% instead of 2%?

If you are really running a system, you will have rules. One of Saul’s rules is stay 100% invested. Is that yours? One of Saul’s rules is to reallocate funds when a position gets to big, or another position gets too tasty at a low price. Are you ready to do this?

Think it out. Write it down. Read it when you can no longer stand to hold your stocks.


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