H&R Block Preseason Tax Software--$15 for Federal Version


Best deal of the year. Downloads preliminary version before Thanksgiving. Updated with final version in January.

Useful to estimate what you have coming due in time to do adjustments like tax loss selling. Or charity donations.


Actually, there’s a better deal for tax software: Free Tax USA FreeTaxUSA® - Free Tax Filing, Online Return Preparation, E-file Income Taxes It is, as the title says, free for Federal filing.


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The preliminary part sounds interesting, as does Free Tax USA.

I’ve been buying TurboTax every year. I visited the TT web site, and saw no mention of the 2023 version being available in a preliminary version. (There were some bits about on-line for filing 2022 by Oct 31.) I looked at the Free Tax USA site too, and again no mention of 2023, or any specific year. Do you have any idea if it is already active for 2023 work?

It is about time for me to figure out the break point for this year’s IRA to ROTH conversion.

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TT desktop version has a What-If calculator which you can use to estimated future year’s Federal tax. It copies over current year’s numbers. You can then adjust those for the future year and estimate the taxes. Unfortunately some of the numbers like standard deduction are not updated, so you may need to adjust for that.

The What-if calculator may be hard to find. It is in the Forms section.

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Thanks, I’ll give that a look.

Great recommendation; I used this last year and it was very smooth. Previously I’ve been using TaxAct for years.