H&R Block Basic Federal Tax Software $14.95 with early bird discount


Basic program contains all you need for most applications. Downloadable and likely to be updated several times before you file. One of the best deals around.

I like to do a preliminary run through around Thanksgiving. That lets you determine if adjustments like tax loss selling etc are appropriate this year.

I’ve used the H&R Block software for years and find it excellent for my needs.



The website indicates that Deluxe should be used for those with investments. Are you saying that this is unnecessary and that basic version will handle investment data entries?

Thanks for sharing.


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My experience is that Basic allows you to file all investment info needed. That includes interest, dividends, mutual funds, capital gains, sale of your home, and even business income as from partnerships. You can download capital gains info from brokerage accounts and enter it directly in your tax forms. Ditto the information from previous filings.

So far I have found no exceptions. And you can file electronically.


I switched from TurboTax to H&R Block about 8 years ago. I chose H&R Block Deluxe for our investments and it has been an easy adjustment. I also like the program.

I’ve been getting emails from them to pre-order at $5 / $10 / $15 discounts. I find that it’s less expensive for it to be released on Amazon and the download price is usually less than the H&R Block site price. I think because H&R Block knows that I’m a repeat customer.

I’d suggest that folks check our the H&R Block Tax software on Amazon as well.

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There are lots of deals out there. Preseason discounts are usually best.

Basic for $14.95 (bottom line, not discount) is hard to beat.