Have the people in AI never read or watched any Sci-Fi?


AI is no longer Sci Fi?

But they have not thought that yet.

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NPR AI is helping inexperienced workers who do not know the job. The younger workers can learn the job better by following what the AI does.

What a joke

Leap I always thought you were an Irish AI bot that has escaped it’s geofence. :joy: :joy:



Why not? Weirder things have happened at the fool.

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I’m having to modify some legacy Perl code at work right now, and I hate Perl. Despise it. Normally one would Google a question and it would usually point you to a stackoverlow.com discussion about your very problem, and you’d read through the post and find your answer. Now, I just ask ChatGPT how to do something in Perl. It spits out example code but also a very detailed explanation about the code. This is a great productivity boost. The code is not always 100% correct, but it’s close, and making it correct is easy. Far faster than the prior way I did things.

To me, this stuff is not a “joke”. It’s real, and it’s helpful.


Would someone who has very little experience be able to ask the right questions?

That is where the joke is.

I have a question for you. If I get a rudimentary working understanding of C++ can I use ChatGPT to help me? I might use UE5 instead of Unity for my game making.

I am open minded. But I see so much that can go wrong for people who are not experienced yet. Since the calculator was invented some two generations can not do 3rd grade math in their heads.

As an artist I am less openminded because the AI systems just plagiarize other work. Yes there are levels of materials out of copyright that need to be used. But that line is not honored. It is economics. The Warhol case was just decided by SCOTUS. They ruled with two of the liberals to look at the economics of infringement. This is better but not good for the AI companies.

I have a strong career in programming but only a rudimentary understanding of Perl, and it helps me. And I’m always surprised about how little I have to ask in order to get a response that helps me. And if it’s not right, I fix it. If it’s too far off I ask it to modify its answer in some particular way.

But like I said, I’m a programmer. I’m not going to ask ChatGPT questions about bookkeeping, or computational fluid dynamics, or brain surgery, and expect it to give me answers that would make sense to me.