$HD California Home Depots Installing Solar On Their Roofs; Same to Happen on East Coast

Solar company DSD Renewables is working with the DIY giant to install rooftop solar on the stores, which are all in California. The solar roof installations will directly power the company’s store locations within the portfolio.

Construction will begin in early 2023, and once the solar rooftop installations are fully online, they’re expected to generate more than 17 million kilowatt-hours of clean energy annually. That’s the equivalent of removing 2,648 gas cars from the road annually.

The Home Depot’s goal is to produce or procure 100% renewable energy by 2030, equivalent to the electricity needs for all its facilities. There are nearly 2,300 Home Depot stores across North America, and the average Home Depot is around 104,000 square feet in size, so that’s a lot of empty rooftop space just waiting to be covered in solar panels.


DSD and The Home Depot are working together on further solar projects in New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, and Massachusetts, with additional projects planned in Arizona, California, Illinois, and New York.

Dan O’Brien, vice president of direct origination at DSD, said:

This project marks 98 [Home Depot] stores that will have deployed solar rooftops with DSD.

The Home Depot shares our commitment to reduce its carbon footprint and we applaud the expansion of its renewable energy program.


I followed both links but still unable to find details. Who owns and maintains the solar panels? Home Depot? DSD? Or some investor somewhere.

DSD looks like a vehicle to allow financial investment in solar. Are investors bond holders? Partners? Shareholders? Does Home Depot own the panels? Or do they buy power from DSD or some of their investors?

My man, Mr. Question, is thinking outside the box again. Tell you what, I’m stealing some of these questions and sending them to HD investor relations. Let’s see if we get an answer.


Oh my!!! You mean there’s a human on the other end? I thought it was a robot.

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It looks like GE Solar rebranded and then primarily financed (owned) by Blackrock, but no info if its privately held which is my guess…doc