OT Posts and questions

Remember: if someone makes an off-topic post or comment, PLEASE IGNORE IT. We don’t want more posts addressing the original problem, and we don’t want to start a thread.

Also, please refrain from simply posting a question. This board is a place to carefully post your thoughts in an edited post. It’s NOT the place to say “what do you think about X?” like you would among a few friends. Think about an arena filled with thousands of people. That kind of conversation can’t happen. So please, Do not post a question without attempting to answer it! Questions have to be, SHOULD be, ignored. But if you offer a thoughtful answer to your own question, someone might address your thoughts.

The general idea is this: everyone is welcome to share your thoughts, but spend some time on it. Make your point and support it. One liners (and two liners) will be ignored. Convince us why we should listen to you. Present your case and explain it well.

Assistant Board Manager

PS PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read the board rules and knowledge base! Links can be found in the panel on the right of each post (or below each post on mobile).