Hit the brakes Joe

EVs are not selling

Nearly 4,000 US auto dealers have signed an open letter urging the Biden administration to slow its plan to push electric vehicles (EVs) onto the populace – because demand is apparently low and the darn things just aren’t selling that well.

The manufacturers know it:

I wonder if Joe will get the message?

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So you want him to listen to car dealers? Isn’t that like a bank manager trusting bank robbers on security of the bank?



Ford and GM are waiting to add Tesla charging plugs to their models. No one is buying their offerings this year because their plugs are not going to be used.

Tesla does not have dealers. Right?

The argument is like, “Hold on here we are losing it all. Let’s start over. Can you wait till next year for me”?

The answer is to stop betraying our nation.


It’s the car dealers who want him to listen to car dealers, not me. They wrote to him, I didn’t.

Joe will probably be the last person in the USA to realize what is going on :slight_smile:

What is going on?


I don’t think you get to be the President and not know what is going on. :roll_eyes:



I could give you an example where that’s not at all accurate, but the example wouldn’t be the current White House occupant.


Could you explain your analogy? The president is bank manager, but the car dealers who sell the EVs are trying to steal what?


Now how did you get that? The analogy was car dealers are like bank robbers.



So you can give me an example where someone was elected President and did not know what was going on? All while running for President? Please tell me. Oh and just so you don’t go down some rabbit hole conspiracy theory. :smiley:



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Dealers have a 103-day supply of EVs compared to 56 days for all cars. It takes them on average 65 days to sell an EV, about twice as long as for gas-powered cars…

A new study from the University of California, Berkeley’s Energy Institute at Haas finds a “strong and enduring correlation between political ideology and U.S. EV adoption.” About half of EVs registered as of last year were to “the 10% most Democratic counties, and about one-third to the top 5%,” the study notes. This suggests “it may be harder than previously believed to reach high levels of U.S. EV adoption.”



Believable and not surprising one bit. This is what happens when half the potential customers do not believe petroleum is a problem in any way, but is rather a birth-rite of being in shiny land.


Those dealers don’t have to sell EVs if they don’t want to …

… someone else will.

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I would like to get an EV as would people I talk to. The main reason that we don’t have them is that they are not yet good enough and the charging infrastructure is too poor. I suspect that in 20 years things many be different and most will have dumped the ICE.

It’s nothing to do with birthright - just market choice, or the old economic law of supply and demand. The answer is to make cheaper and better EVs.


More likely analogy would be the way the media talks to realtors to answer “is now a good time to buy a house?”

Are the manufacturers forcing EVs on the dealers, as in “to get the model that sells well, you need to take more EVs than you can sell”? Do the dealers make more for themselves selling ICEs, than EVs?.

Recently, the local Detroit news reported that Ford says it will cover the increased costs of it’s new labor contract, by taking the money away from the dealers.


Didn’t Ford also take a few billion away from its EV transition program?


The Marshall, Michigan plant has been iffy for a while. Ford is using technology from a Chinese company in that one, which has brought a lot of pushback in DC. The other two plants use technology from a Korean company.


Ford said customers in North America are unwilling to pay a premium for an EV.

That is how rational customers behave.


Even with auto dealers whining and high interest rates…