HoHumYNWA Shipping basket Jan 2023

As noted elsewhere, was mostly offline wrt trading stocks between 1/30/23 - 2/17/23. Just returned to tinker with numbers this weekend. Lots of moves related to the basket YTD. Basket has really been tossed and turned e.g. on 01/31/23, I only had one shipping idea in the Top 10 (FLNG).

Top 5 (as % of shipping basket)

  1. FLNG 22.50%
  2. SBLK 17.57%
  3. ZIM 14.38%
  4. NMM 11.97%
  5. GOGL 7.39%
    Somewhat “Pareto-ish” with the 5 names being about 74% of the basket. Also, ZIM is the only really, really red 'un amongst the five.
    Lots of trades resulting in basket size shrinking a lot at the end of Jan 2023.
    Net realized losses of abt $400, plus NAT shares wash.
    Total positions increased to 13, with two nice additions - TRMD and INSW.

More to follow …


Ok, the rest of the top 10, as a percentage
6. GSL 7.15%
7. GNK 5.26%
8. TNP-PE 3.97%
9. NAT 2.96%
10. TRMD 2.07%
This subgroup - excluding NAT, each green/black (NAT & GNK are DRIPed, others are positive excl div)

AMKBY is tiny red/breakeven, and BDRY is very red.
The shipping basket started the year in-the-red (excluding gains and majority of divs), It has now swung to the positive.

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