HoHumYNWA Shipping basket Feb 2023

While Jan 2023 was a dry bulk reset month, Feb 2023 saw the shipping port stabilize, and opted to add to ZIM. NAT stake was started in Nov 2022, and traded for a loss in Jan 2023, but additional NAT stakes were traded for a nice gain in Feb 2023. A bunch of tanker companies reported the last few days in Feb 2023 (NAT, INSW, FRO) and their results were generally good for Q4 2022. Better yet, things are looking more positive for Q1 2023 (mostly due to the Russian oil trade dynamics).

Top 5 (as a percentage of shipping basket)

  1. FLNG 23.46%
  2. ZIM 18.21%
  3. SBLK 17.72%
  4. NMM 11.07%
  5. GOGL 7.49%
    Again, a Pareto-ish distribution with those names adding up to 78.95% ZIM still the only red (and very red at that) name among the five.

Nice realized NAT gains this month. A bunch of other shipping names, including #1, #3 - #5 also have gains (just unrealized)


Not really meaningful to rank holdings beyond GOGL, when #5 is < 7.49% of the shipping basket. OTOH, it be helpful to name the other holdings. Those are/were–