HohumYNWA's shipping basket 2022

In 2020, the shipping basket ended the year with only three names, about 2% overall. That meant the basket started out quite small in 2021. And during the year, names got added and subtracted, or existing positions got expanded or trimmed. As 2021 closed, I ended up with a lot more names, and about 14.5% of the overall basket.

The Top 5 (1/1/2022)

  1. Golden Ocean (GOGL) - 30.31% (Dry bulk shipping)
  2. Star Bulk Carriers (SBLK) - 17.63% (Dry bulk shipping)
  3. Navios Maritime Ptnr (NMM) - 17.58% (Hybrid - Dry bulk, Containers, Tankers)
  4. Flex LNG (FLNG) - 11.95% (LNG tankers)
  5. ZIM Integr Shipping (ZIM) - 9.55% (Container shipping)
    and smaller stakes in about 5 or 6 other shipping companies

I think the port logistical bottlenecks at maybe 10-15 ports around the globe will continue to assist the container sector in 2022. Though my port is weighted towards the dry bulk sub-sector, I am not as confident that the dry bulk sub-sector holds up as well as the container sub-sector. That said, I think dry bulk shipping has more levers (different cargo types - iron, coal, steel, grains, etc., boycotts, seasonal factors, etc.) to keep the sub-sector. Missing from my shipping port is conventional tanker picks. That might change as 2022 progresses. Obviously, my thinking changes drastically if world economies end up going into another lockdown scenario.