HoHumYNWA's shipping basket June 2023

As June 2023 winds down, some developments

  • While not massive moves, a slight shift in sector. More transactions in the dry bulk shipping sector.
  • Nibbled on SBLK. Then nibbled on GOGL
  • Back to tankers - FRO and TRMD
  • Back to dry bulk - SBLK, GOGL
  • 30 days over - container shipper ZIM
  • More CLCO

While the Jan - Mar 2023 dry bulk shipping exits were not always great in terms of timing, they were almost all completed at prices higher than current prices for the same names (SBLK, GNK & GOGL). That was not the same picture in Q1 2023, so I feel a little better about my Q1 actions. But, Iā€™m also not that arrogant and claim that I could find the bottom of the niche in Q2 or Q3 2023. Hence, small nibbles in a couple of names.

Also, of interest is another former pick - SB.


With Q2 drawing to a close,

  • Restarted BDRY (BDI index ETF)
  • SB nibble
  • TRMD nibble.

Top 5 in the Shipping Basket

  1. FRO
  2. FLNG
  3. SBLK
  4. CLCO
  5. TRMD

At the end of June
% of Shipping basket
FRO 20.27
FLNG 19.22
SBLK 12.52
CLCO 10.82
TRMD 9.66
NMM 6.86
GOGL 5.58

Rest are below 5% and include NAT, TNP-E, GSL, SB, SFL, INSW & BDRY