Honorary #FloridaWoman

A snake this large should not be kept in an aquarium this small. Was that a snakebite at the end? This is why I step cautiously in the jungle. Plenty of cretins release huge pythons into our wilds and these monsters are bigger than the snake in this video.

Yeah, this is scary. No thanks to keeping a snake in our house


Whoa, that’s scary. Dated a guy once who kept a python in the house. It was huge, probably at least a good 10 inches in diameter. One day I went over and it’s enclosure was empty and it was loose in the house…Bye, bye!

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Give me three steps, Sister, and you’ll never see me no more.

No offense intended… but I thought that didn’t seem reasonable. An exaggeration.

Nope… I see they get even bigger. I apologize for being skeptical.

Glad you got out of there!

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.

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No worries, I understand.

Before I wrote that post I got out a tape measure and did my best to visualise the size of that snake compared to the mice the guy fed it. Ick, i don’t enjoy thinking about it much. I prefer pets with hair or fur.

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