#TexasMan Trying to Out Florida #FloridaMan


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lol, thanks. That’s worse than the guy who bought a really large dry erase board from the Office Depot I worked in. Tied it to the roof of his car, then drove down the freeway to home. Arriving at home, he was shocked, SHOCKED, that the board had folded over in the blast of airflow from the car’s speed down the road, ruining the board. He demanded the store manager make it right. He got a free replacement board, but the manager had our truck deliver it. Never count #MichiganMan out of the running.



Steve, 20 or so years go I saw an old #FloridaMan sedan with rebar strapped to its roof - and which was hanging off the roof and over the trunk - gouge a long divot up US1 here in the Florida Keys. The car was so weighted down that the tires on back looked ready to explode. There was a rooster tail of sparks following the car making the scene all the more incredible.

I tried to call 911, but I am assuming I never got through as everybody on US1 that day was calling to stop this madman from continuing his journey.

The Sherriff’s Department (or highway patrol) employed spikes on the road to stop the crazy man’s progress. Of course, #FloridaMan blew a .20 (or higher) alcohol content. IIRC, he was sentenced to jail for ten years and once he served time, he was supposed to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in restitution for damaging the road’s surface.

Looking at this video of #TexasMan, I can’t help but marvel that some of those boards didn’t crack in half and then slice off the driver’s head like a sideways guillotine.