How Americans feel about the US economy

This issue is more people in the working classes understand we are rebuilding our industrial base in earnest in the first time in some 40 years.

People love this even if the economy is not as good as it is going to be getting.

People are becoming optimistic for the first time in a few decades that their families will do well.


The bigger issue is whether they will vote that way…


No one has the guts or stupidity to mention supply side economics. So there is no choice left. The bad choice has been removed by those who used to advocate dumbed down economics.

And yet, at both the state and national levels, when certain people are in power, the narrative is always that the “JCs” are deserving of more tax cuts. The Michigan Gov prior to the current one, a “JC” himself, presided over two rounds of tax cuts, exclusively for the “JCs”, paid for by increasing taxes on retirees and the working poor, and cutting funding to cities and counties. He also presided over an increase in fuel taxes and vehicle registration fees, to raise $300M/year “for road maintenance”, but, at the same time, withdrew $300M from road funding that had been coming from general revenue, so there was no net increase in the road maintenance budget.

This graphic shows the per capita spending on road maintenance among the great lakes states, after the 2017 increase in fuel taxes. As you can see, Michigan road funding trailed every other state in the region, by a wide margin, even though Michigan residents pay one of the highest fuel tax burdens in the country.

Logic says advocates of policies like these, that take from the majority of the population, to benefit the few, should not be able to be elected dog catcher, but logic does not seem to apply.



Steve, it’s time for you to relocate…



Ha! He just got his state back. :wink:

Who left Kalamazoo Michigan 20 years ago.


And go where? Most of the states in Shiny-land are run the same way.

This is true. Getting rid of the gerrymandered voting districts made a big change in Lansing. The current Gov is phasing out the tax on pension income, that the previous Gov imposed to help pay for his tax cuts for the rich. The current Gov is stepping up funding for education. Roads are being repaired everywhere. Of course, the previous Gov recently reengaged in politics to undo everything the current Gov is accomplishing. The current Gov is term limited. She will need to leave office at the end of 26. What comes next? Progress, or another lurch back toward “traditional values”?