How can Snowflake compete with Amazon?

Snowflake and Amazon both offer a similar product. However, since Snowflake uses Amazon’s AWS, Amazon earns from every Snowflake customer.

So Snowflake’s marketing spend helps Amazon. The bigger Snowflake gets, the bigger amazon AWS gets.

At the same time, Amazon offers a similar product and can: A undercut Snowflake on price or B have a higher profit margin.

So how is Snowflake supposed to compete against Amazon in the longer term?

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SNOW is not ONLY housed on AWS. It is also on GCP and Azure. This is one of their advantages. Another is that, while SIMILAR, they are the better product. For a better understanding, I recommend hhhypergrowth’s blog post. There is no way I could re-iterate even half as clearly and thoroughly as Muji has done.

I think its also posted on Saul’s board somewhere. I recommend using Greg’s Finance Thingee to find it.