How do I get back to where I was?

Sometimes when I’m reading a thread I may not finish and exit the app, and when I come back I get dumped onto a listing of threads rather than where I was last. How can I change this so I don’t miss any threads?


Make a pact with the Blessed Virgin Mary that you will never sin again.

Post a 20 character reply and then find it again with MyPost.

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Or just start to post a reply, then close it and save the draft. Next to the My Posts item near the top of the left side it will have a link to your drafts.


:frowning: I’m going with the pact with the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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It’s actually easier than making a pact if you set up your left sidebar with the categories you frequent which monitors new posts to topics you were reading so when you come back, you’ll see an Unread number next to the category. When you click Unread, it will pre-filter to any topics you’ve read in the past but have posts you haven’t read.

Those post might be totally new to the topic after you started reading it, but they will also be any posts that you didn’t get to on a topic before you left.

It cuts out because of the length of the category names, but you can see here that I have Unread posts in several categories:


Okay thanks, I do have my favorites on the sidebar, including METAR. But there’s loads of METAR stuff that I don’t read, so when I do find something interesting but don’t have time to finish I leave it on the screen. It’s there if I come back after a short time but there seems to be a timeout after which I land in the home screen.

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I don’t think there’s any setting for this, although you can use defer and bookmarks to reliably get back to something at a time of your choosing.


This feature might be hidden by default. Go to and check “Enable defer to mark topics unread” to enable it. This will add an additional button at the end of each topic, allowing you keep something as unread.

It’s mostly useful for categories where there isn’t a lot of activity, like here for example. E.g. when I read something here that I might have an answer to, I use defer to remember to get back to it when I find the time.

For METaR though, you’re going to get swamped with unread (and often long) topics, so you’d have to locate the topic, and since you’ve scrolled all the way to the bottom to use defer, you’d also have to find your way back to the position in the thread where you stopped reading.


Probably closer to what you’re looking for. The interface looks daunting at first, but remembers your settings. So it basically takes just a few clicks to say “remind me of this in a couple of hours”. Or minutes… or tomorrow… or whenever you want. The bookmark will show up in your list of notifications and clicking on it will take to back to where you where, and optionally automatically delete the bookmark. I find it extremely useful.

You can bookmark specific post, or a whole topic. To bookmark a topic, select bookmark at the end of the page:


To bookmark a post, just click on the image button next to it.

When you so, you get to the part where the fight or flight response kicks in.

Click on the cogwheel if you don’t see (or don’t want to see) the “After you are notified” section. The thing to grasp here is that the interface is kind of an all-in-one solution. You can use it to stash bookmarks, to create reminders, or a combination of both. This is achieved by giving you the option to set a reminder if you want to, and if so, the option of what should happen when you’re notified. Luckily, the system will remember your preference for “After you are notified”, so there’s no need to select an option every single time.

To create a reminder (and bookmark), pick a time and hit save. The image icon will change to image to indicate that you have a bookmark with a reminder set for that post. You can now close the app without worrying about finding your way back. When the reminder is due, it will show up as a notification.



Click on it, and you’re back to where you were. :smiley:

Now, unless you remember to manually delete the bookmark or have the “After you are notified” set to “Delete bookmark”, you’ll eventually become a hoarder. Visit to see all your bookmarks. I probably should cover the process of getting to that page quickly, but I’ll stop here for now.

Thanks @Raylight , I just bookmarked your post.

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