Is there an easy way to move to the next topic?

I’m getting used to the new format. Is there an easy way to move to the next topic in your list? What I am doing now is choosing my category which is my former list of favorites on the left. Then I get a list of topics. I go in and read it and then I want to go to the next one in the list. Right now I am hitting the back arrow on my browser and then pick the next topic or another one. Is this the best way to do it?

Thanks, Bill

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Hi Bill

It might be quicker this way - at the top of each post, you’ll see a link to that Category (new name for board). Click that and it will bring up a list of all the topics in that category - you can browse through the list and see which topics you want to read. (Bold is new or has new activity, grayed out are ones you’ve already completely read). It goes really fast

Thank you. I didn’t notice that before and just tried it. It works pretty well and the greyed out is what I already read. In the old boards, when I had read all I wanted to, I would click a blue link that would mark the board as read until new post arrived. Is this feature now the Dismiss button?

The Dismiss button will mark everything in the list as read…it’s fine if that’s what you want. I normally read the ones I want before I hit dismiss.

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I do want to do that when I am done reading everything that I wanted. Then the list gets reset and I will see when new stuff is available. Thanks.