How many gun mfgrs. should we hold ...

… in a well regulated portfolio?…
A Geneva-area man remained in Whatcom County Jail following his weekend arrest on harassment and firearms charges after authorities said he pointed a gun at woman holding a baby, and sheriff’s deputies removed 150 firearms from the home.

Nicholas Sgalitzer, 42, was being held in lieu of $100,000 bond on Wednesday, June 1, according to jail records.


Here’s another story about Gun Porn Morons.

Look at the top photo, the proud wife, the unsure kids going through the motions for dear old dad who only has two arms with hands attached to pull triggers.

But he’s a man, man, man M - A - N, man! (Sing it Muddy Waters style for Mr. Tough Guy in this photo.)…


I really wish these fetishists had gotten into hifi equipment.

My 10Kw amplifier per channel has a THD of < .0000001%.