How Much $ should you start with a stock

Hello Fools,

Does anyone have a strategy when you decide to buy a stock - what is a sound investment amount?
I have been hearing folks talk about - if you invested $5k at blank it would be worth blank now.

Maybe a minimum stategy?

Let me know your thoughts. Also, what percentage of cash should you keep on the sideline to be ready to purchase.

Thanks - New to investing!!

Hi gfischer2944

I will leave it to a board assistant to be able to guide you on the rules of the board.

In the meantime however, as you are new - you should be aware that this board is for growth stock investing discussions as opposed to any kind of portfolio or general investing strategy.

All I would say is that:

  1. Usually on this board we tend to refer to % of portfolio funds as opposed to hard $s, for a number of reasons - privacy and discretion being one and normalising the relative value of $1 to total funds being another.
  2. Received wisdom on Saul’s board would suggest allocating %'s based on level of conviction and relative growth to value opportunity between investment targets.
  3. Received wisdom on TMF is to consider buying in 1/3rds

Anyhow I don’t want to get off topic or discourage you.

Please do acquaint yourself with the information and knowledge base on the right side of the screen looking at Saul’s board view.



Hi gfischer,

Ant is right, this is not a board for posting questions about portfolio management and allocation sizes. This board is solely for the discussion of individual growth stocks.

Please refer to the Portfolio Management Board. I am sure there will be many people there eager to help you out:…

Good luck.

No more replies to this thread. Thank you for co-operating :slight_smile:

(Assistant Board Manager)