Finding new stocks that are set to grow

Hello Saul,

I have recently found out about your investing discussions and have noticed how well your stock picks have done. I am just starting to invest and was wondering with a beginning portfolio and a budget of $5,000 presently, what stocks would you currently start with to build a portfolio if it were you today starting out?

I would greatly appreciate your advice.

Thank you,

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InvestBetter…Read the knowledgebase to the right of this board and all the associated posts along with it. Sorry but this is not a board for newbie investors for people to give you individual tips, but I can assure you, by reading as mentioned, you will be well on your way.
Welcome anyway…


Also, be sure to read some of the end of month summaries. They are linked from this page (which can also be accessed as the “Additional Information” link from this board.…