How do screen for new investments


Wanted to know where you start if you had a pile of money ready to be invested ? What goes on your mind,where do you look ?
Is this something that you answered already ? If so please point me to the post.

Thanks in advance.


Myth, I posted what I look for in a stock in post #6 on this board:…

Since you asked, read it carefully. In fact the several posts before and after it as well.

If you are just starting out with a bunch of money to invest I wouldn’t invest it all at once, but put it in over the course of a month or two. If you don’t already have subscriptions I would get subs to MF Stock Advisor and MF Rule Breaker. If you do have “a pile” to invest, the subscription costs will be dwarfed by what you can make with one stock pick. I wouldn’t just go with the most recent recommendations but would look at the Best Buys Now and the Core Stocks and decide first if any of them interest you. That should get you a good start.