How Russia started the war...

…according to the Ukrainians.

It started with the Russian invasion of Crimea, followed by Russian forces entering the Donbas region. Russia claims these regions are “separatists” or “breakaway provinces” and unfortunately the western media has used these Russian propaganda terms.

What really happened? Russian soldiers went door to door and asked people with a gun to their head whether they supported Russia or Ukraine. There was only one right answer.

After Russia had coerced sufficient loyalty, they then began shooting across the Donbas border into Ukraine.

When the Ukrainian military inevitably responded, Russia fabricated the narrative that Ukraine was committing genocide against Russian speakers in the country.

My story comes from the Ukrainian refugees living in my house and the house next door, so perhaps it is Ukrainian propaganda. Perhaps, but I doubt it.

All of them are Russian-speaking Ukrainians and some of them even have Russian passports.

Here is a western report which more or less corroborates the story (except for the part where Russia coerced the loyalty of the “separatists”:…


It is no different than Hitler’s start of WWII. He used the excuse of the treatment of ethnic Germans who were living in the Sudetenland. The area had been a part of the Czech state since the 9th century as part of the Bohemian Duchy and later as part of the Kingdom of Bohemia but that did not stop Hitler from invading the Czech Republic.

Vlad “Adolf” Putin has been a good student of history and the methods of despots.