How to avoid being boring at age 60

A writer for The Simpsons TV show suggests challenging yourself with new experiences.

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Short list? I still don’t get the wsj.

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Huh. I also was in my early 60’s when I finally figured out that nobody was interested in my boring stories. But instead of trying to come up with new adventures to fuel a new list of boring stories, I just started talking less and listening more,


Now that I think about it, I’ve spent most of my adult life learning new things and trying new experiences. Otentimes not from choice as developments in my career(s)…both the At The Orifice and At The Gym gigs…made it a necessity. Turning 60 wasn’t a milestone in that respect.

Two challenges I set for myself at the start of 2012…and announced to others…was to deadlift at least my bodyweight and master 10 clean pull ups by September. Aced the first with loadsa room to spare, just missed the second. Did the work and reaped the benefits, though.

Odd to think of 60 being “old”, now. Well. I didn’t at the time either, come to that, but from the vantage point of 70+, I find it a bit of a hoot to see what folk think “ought” to be achievable at a given age. A couple of challenges/gifts to myself as 70 rolled around were to tackle a couple of fitness related certification courses I’d been eyeballing that focused on training women and, separately, menopause and beyond. There are a couple of online group boards where we ask/answer questions…and offer personal anecdotes etc…and it amazes me that youngish women (mostly) assume and accept that anyone over the age of 50 is going to be inevitably physically challenged.

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Interesting approach. Less radical than ours.

We worked very hard to get to be able to retire early, just to wind up in suburbia, working still, endlessly, on maintaining real estate. As great as the properties are, we wanted more for the next 30 years and are in the process of selling all but one of our properties off to free ourselves up for about 8 months of travel a year. Had a trial run this Summer with 13 weeks on the road and absolutely loved it. It is amazingly freeing to dispossess oneself, though that term needs to be used lightly as we will still have the 720 SF of our remaining house that will store the things we can’t yet part with, living in the upstairs 650 SF apartment in between travels.

We are just too young to trade the routine of the job for domestic routine we settled into. This was a huge change of course that we started to implement almost two years ago. I’ve never been happier. It’s bad when others find you boring. It’s much worse when you find yourself bored. Since I always told our kids when they complained of being bored that they were showing a lack of imagination, that there was an endless amount of things to do if they just set their mind to it, I really did not have a choice other than to make a change.

We may fall in love with another location and decide to buy there, but it will be a maintenance free place. Already one of the places we stayed at this Summer is on the list of possibilities, but we are in no rush. It’s time for adventure.

who should be freed of excess real estate by May 2024


I am 60. Next spring I will be 61.

I am in a very strange and wonderful position. I have potentially four (4) million-dollar properties in front of me to sell. I am talking about two NFT projects as the market is going into a new bull phase. I have two video game designs that will enter the richest art market on the globe.

The first of the NFTs are being marketed. The first of the games being built.

This is really a great time for me. It is relaxing and exciting.

My goal would be to travel Europe and the US with a female friend. She seems to be true to me. We have not begun to date. We have a working relationship for now. We giggle at times like little kids. It is too early to complicate things.

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