How to create a poll

I just wasted 20 or so minutes wandering around the grayland of the new tmf, where time goes to be wasted.

I wanted to create a poll.
If anyone could be so kind as to pull back the curtain, reveal the levers.

I would appreciate it.


It’s just a poll. It shouldn’t be that hard.


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As you compose a message there is a gear icon at the right end of the row of icons above the text. Click on that. It reveals a Build Poll option, about which I know nothing.

I only found it after far too much searching, which ended up here:



I’m on a Pixel 7 cell phone.
I had to click the hamburger to reveal the gear (and formatting options), then scroll down the list. The poll option was hidden at the bottom.

Oddly enough, now the formatting options stuff is revealed at the top of the text field.