How to contact help

I might be able to read fun stuff. But I don’t see how to create a post, other than this to create a new topic.

Hi Forrest. Wecome.

You can easily reply to any post. Press the reply button.

Or you can search for a topic of interest. On a specific board or all boards.

Or you can create a new topic on any board you think it belongs.

Use the spyglass upper right to search. Or click on the fools cap upper left to see all the boards listed.

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There are two types of posts.

  1. An initial post to start a thread…this is done via the New Topic button.
  2. A post that is created by replying to another post, be it the first one in a topic or any other.

Here are a couple of documents to help you out:
Help Guide
Video Overview


I don’t see any other way to reach you. I wanted to reply to a post on Saul’s Board and saw no way to do it. I did find I may need to be a member to post on that board and sent request which I think you may receive. I mostly lurk on Saul’s Board for the last 5 years but would like to be able to reply or possibly add something. I know Saul is down for a time and thought I would reach out to you. Screen name is cobi.

Hi @cobi

Your request was received. Saul will review it when he’s able to do so, he’s the only one who can approve posting in that category.

Saul usually does not allow comments or discussion on his board. But plenty of other boards such as New Paradym investing or Liquid Lounge will accept discussion of Saul’s postings.


That is a total mischaracterization of how that board is run. If by comments you mean very brief responses that don’t really add anything, that would be correct. But saying discussion is not allowed? That’s actually pretty funny. Three of the active threads in the last week have had 15, 17 and 22 Replies.

Like it or not, most of us know not to try posting on Saul’s board. He is very selective of who can post there.