How to get the most out of this board!

How to get the most out of this board!

A little history: Near the end of 2013 a number of people urgently requested me to start my own discussion board. I was a bit hesitant at first, as I had no experience with such a thing, but mostly because I was reluctant to undertake the responsibility.

I finally accepted and the board was started at the beginning of 2014. In posts 2 through 8 I copied and reposted some previous posts about my basic philosophy. A little later in, Neil began collecting useful posts about investing philosophy from the board, and he subsequently collected them in a Knowledgebase. At first it wasn’t organized, but after a year or so, Neil and I together organized it into a coherent text for intelligent investing. The current iteration is our third or fourth revised edition.

In the Motley Fool universe of discussion boards I once counted about 12,000 total boards, some much more active than others, and most in the public domain (not paid subscriptions). In our little more than three years of existence, we have garnered more than 26,000 posts, much more than any other MF board dealing solely with investing (as far as I know).

We try to keep the board focussed on investing in growth stocks, and try to keep it a board people can learn from. In fact, in the last year or so of the existence of the daily Motley Fool Post of the Day, our single board was awarded 38% of all the Posts of the Day awarded throughout the MF universe of over 10,000 discussion boards, and there is even suspicion that the Fool discontinued the Post of the Day, about a year ago, because it was pulling attention from the paid boards. We do do a good job here.

In answering some recent questions, I’ve had the occasion to look for answers already prepared on the Knowledgebase, and have been astounded to find out how interesting and useful it’s been for me to re-read it. I am also amazed to realize that some relatively new people on the board have never read the Knowledgebase which contains the entire basis and philosophy of the board. (It’s obvious from their questions).

If you are one of those people, I’d really, really suggest you read it from end to end, maybe twice if you feel like it. You’ll find it interesting and useful. You may not agree with everything in it. I change my mind about things too. But you will get a lot of really good ideas that will help your investing life.



For Knowledgebase for this board,
please go to Post #17774, 17775 and 17776.
We had to post it in three parts this time.

A link to the Knowledgebase is also at the top of the Announcements column,
which is on the right side of every page on this board


I’ve saved it as a .pdf file so I can refer to it offline.