How to make new SSD operational in Windows 10?

My new HP computer (Windows 10) was shipped with a rather inadequate SSD that is already half full from transferring my old files. The computer has two SATA connections for adding memory.

On the advice of @OrmontUS (my older brother, Jeff), I ordered a 1 TB Samsung SSD. I connected it to the SATA cable.

File Explorer does not see the new SSD. I have to initialize it.

Now to the problem.

Computer Management or Disk Management lists the C: drive (237 GB). It lists Disk 0, Partition 1 as 260 MB, Healthy (EFI System Partition). It lists Disk 0, Partition 4 as 836 MB, Healthy (Recovery Partition). (These have GPT.) This is on a list at the top of the page.

Below is a horizontal bar graph. It should show the C: drive as a separate bar from the new Disk 0. But it shows all 3 segments as part of the same horizontal bar.

According to several videos and information from Microsoft, I should be able to right-click on the new partitions and be able to initialize and set a simple volume. But when I right-click I don’t get any choices at all.

A Microsoft article says to not mess around with any partitions that say EFI System Partition or Recovery Partition since these have important files.

Device Manager, Disk Drives only sees the original C: drive. Device Manage, System Devices, doesn’t list the Samsung SSD.

I am the administrator of this computer.

What is the problem? What should I do?

You need to Format it Wendy. Hopefully this will help if not just ask more.



Back when I was playing PC support guru, I got a call from a lady who complained that her new laser printer wasn’t working. I asked if her dot matrix printer was working – and she said it was. I asked if she had a cable plugged into the lase printer – and she did, but only the power cable. I pointed out that her PC had only one printer port and she didn’t have a data cable plugged into her second printer.

This has been a common problem for thousands of years → Ecclesiastes 1:9: What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.


Thanks, @OrmontUS. The data cable is on order. :slight_smile:


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