HyperGrowth Company Tracker for Visual Investors

As a lurker of this board for about 8 months now, I figured going into this month’s earnings reports that I would provide something helpful for all those more visual investors like myself.

Like many of you, I try to keep a detailed and organized spreadsheet of certain metrics for our companies. Yet, I find column after column of numbers really does not help me visualize over long periods of time what our companies are doing (and where they are hopefully heading).

So thanks to GauchoRico in his “Growth Stock Analysis Part 5: Numbers into the Google Sheet” post on his blog, I have made an alternative version to StockNovice’s excel sheet that GauchoRico shares in that post.

I make changes to this G-Sheet when I can and it’s not as fully detailed as I would care for it to be. But that being said, I figured some of you may find this helpful and may want to make a copy for yourselves. If you do, all you need to do is click “File” in the top right corner, scroll down to “Make a Copy” and save it to your desired G-Drive folder. The beauty of this too is you can edit your copy in anyway you like!

I am fairly young (24 years old) and still barely tapping the surface of hypergrowth stock investing, but I already greatly appreciate all that I have come to learn so far from GauchoRico, StockNovice, Bear, BroadwayDan, Jonwayne235, and most of all Saul. It’s amazing how just a few months has changed my financial literacy. Thank you all!

Final message: if this is deemed off-topic material, I apologize board managers and please delete post as you see fit.



Oh my!

Can we knight this young man?
Can Monkey send him a bushel of bananas?
Can Muji send him some scotch?
Can BroadwayDan send him a good story?
Can Bear give him a bear hug?
Can GauchoRico give him a Panama hat?
Can StockNovice send him a perfect clip?
Can Jonwayne give him a…holster?
Can Saul take him for a bike ride?

This is just a fabulous gift to me whose eyes glaze over with too many columns of numbers!

Many thanks


Very nice spreadsheet! And on top of the visuals, I love that it already has data in there! I just discovered the board in October and just today was putting together my DDOG data, looking through 2+ years of earnings reports and typing the data into a spreadsheet, and here we have more data for DDOG than I recorded, and there’s similar data for other Saul companies! Excellent!

One thing I will mention / suggest, however… as part of a test run, I plopped in revenue for DDOG’s 4Q. Nothing happened. The graphs point to the right place (the YoY and QoQ boxes), but the formulas weren’t populated. Easy enough to fix, but when I see earnings numbers, I like the ability to make decisions quickly, so people might want to go ahead and pre-populate formulas. Just copy and paste.

Thanks again!

Like those of you dropping thanks for this post, I’m also mightily impressed at this work. He really does deserve heaps of kudos.


Just imagine if all of us posted our gratitude on the board… literally THOUSANDS of posts.

As always, in order to maintain the awesomeness our little corner of the Internet, brief posts expressing thanks should be sent by email.

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First, I want to say thank you to all you who have both expressed your thanks on and off the board. For those of you who have private messaged me, I have read them and I am so pleased to hear that you find my G-sheet useful to you. I have been working on this for a few months and never imagined it would garner the reception that it has. So thank you all for your kind words and that you are finding it useful.

Now that I know it is well liked across the board, I feel as though I should explain a bit of how to use this document. Therefore, please go to the link below where I have written up a full detailed breakdown of how to use this spreadsheet and how to add your own companies. I will be updating this document as problems or questions arise.

Lastly, as Lennie and Saul have already stated, please direct any thanks or questions to me through email. We do not wish to clutter the board. Please consider this thread closed after this reply.