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I am in process of adopting methodologies laid out by Saul, specifically, in really getting to know and understand your investments. My goal is to create a spreadsheet that assists in analyzing the metrics of our growth companies. Not blessed with innate excel ability, I was curious if anyone is willing to share templates they use for tracking. This would be invaluable as I build out my own spreadsheet. Any other resources that may be helpful are also welcome. Thank you in advance to anyone who is willing to reach out and assist in my personal growth. I look forward to sharing my analysis in the future.

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Hello. I searched Saul’s board with “spreadsheet” in the titles, hoping to see someone offering a spreadsheet like you describe. Did you hear back?

This is exactly the kind of post that clutter up our board with digital noise.

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Hello. I searched Saul’s board with “spreadsheet” in the titles, hoping to see someone offering a spreadsheet like you describe. Did you hear back?

Apologies in advance as OT, but I saw this message this morning and I have seen a few comments on the board previously about this, and I know it can be quite frustrating that most earnings reports don’t include % variances in tabular format. I thought this might be a good way to help those people who would like a template to use and reduce any further OT posts about them.

So I’ve spent a fair amount of time today building up a spreadsheet from scratch, so far collating data since IPO for each of my top 3 holdings (ZM, FSLY, CRWD) by quarter. I have also created a dashboard, so you can select which company, what metric, what period and what % variance (Year on Year or Quarter on Quarter) you want to look at - and you can see a snap shot of this in $ and %. I’ve taken all data from the earnings reports on respective investor relations pages where possible, and metrics included are:

  • Revenue
  • Margin
  • Net retention rate
  • Total Customers
  • Enterprise customers (where applicable)
  • Free cash flow
  • Share price
  • Market cap
  • PS ratio

I’d recommend anyone to have a go at this themselves, as it’s a good way to familiarise yourself with the format and content of the earnings reports. I learned a few things myself today, that Zoom simply states a net dollar expansion rate of ‘over 130%’ every quarter, and that in addition to Crowdstrike’s rapidly improving margins, consistently excellent revenue growth, immense free cash flows and customer growth which is nothing short of explosive, a (slightly) slowing retention rate illustrates a business model aimed at driving revenue growth through new business (as opposed to Fastly, whose revenue growth is driven more from increased customer spending than new business). This is a simple way to visualise these trends.

I’d say I am ‘proficient’ on Excel, but I am happy to share the spreadsheet with anybody, so that you can use as a template and add your own holdings in. Next week it should be a quick update to input Zoom & Crowdstrike Q2 figures, and I will continue to update mine with my other holdings and additional KPI’s in due course. It would be good to also get your views on what else would be useful to be built in.

If interested, please don’t post to this board but email me via ‘Email this reply to the author’ and I will send it through to you.