I Hope This Board

Will survive the TMF purge of their social Boards.

Many years ago this Board was an active community of Wisconsin Fools of which I was a part of.
I will continue to post here again with Wisconsin topics and hope other Wisconsinites will do also……
that is if this Board will still continue to be a part of the Fool Community.

so far so good ??

Hello, LurkerMom. Haven’t seen your name on TMF in a long time. Hope you are well!

ThyPeace, still here too.

HI ThyPeace,

I had left TMF about a year and a half ago and occasionally looked in and saw the Boards were
closing, so thought I’d stick around for awhile. Didn’t last long though.
Looking around this evening no one seems to be posting at all on the open social Boards.
Seems so very lonely and suspect others feel the same.

I wonder if in time TMF will think it was a big mistake. Time will tell.


Hi LM –

Try LBYM and MeTar. Those are both fairly active, as is Taking Care of Parents. Much much less active than they once were, of course! But there are people there every day talking about interesting things.

And there are still quite a few financial boards that are active. Saul’s board is the most active of all of them. I skim here and there, but have settled into a boring buy-and-hold-index-funds style of investing for the most part.

ThyPeace, steady and boring is easier, though not nearly as much growth.

I’ve been looking around a bit and post a couple of posts.

I’ll see how it goes, or just go back to lurking mode.

Thanks for the suggestions, :blush: