OT: Which closed boards do you miss?

I would have thought it would be the political boards but it turns out it is the book boards.

Book Club (Fiction Poetry Drama) (Closed)
Book Club (Nonfiction) (Closed)
Science Fiction & Fantasy Books (Closed)

What about you?

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Honestly I do not miss any of them.

This board is a generalist econ board. I like that.

I need my time badly for other productive matters. I am not interested in constantly adding extra internet options to my plate.

Most of my family members and plenty of my friends are playing Wordle. It is a great competition for a lot of my loved ones. I just sit and listen for a few minutes before the conversation moves on. No one can do everything online.


Health board


Food, recipes, gardening, low carb diets


I honestly miss some of the political commentary boards. I don’t miss the few knuckleheads that we could not get rid of but there were a few posters that took the time to provide in-depth analysis and share perspective that I found informative.

Now, when things like the primary results of Kansas happen, I have no where (intelligent) to discuss them.

Ya, I know there is discord but I have no access to such during my day job absent my phone.


Multiple boards (closed), even PA, but other s with a variety of interests, from photography to occasional woodworking or RV issues, a mix, I deleted them all off my favorites list as they aren’t functional… But, as noted, the good side is the penalty boxed dingbats are gone, or at least minimized to only a couple that may be bots, not worth the bits used.

More importantly, we’ve all lost many vital, informed, inquisitive, helpful people in many areas of interest… The Fool community has been decimated…

I notice of my current favorite, there are really only a few still active, much of those of marginal interest, trading was never of interest, , explanations of some financial issues are of some interest, but it’s just not the same… Work, life, it’s all really more political than many realize, folks at work never caught on to how interactive things were, blew their promotions at times by ignoring the world around them…

Big picture matters!

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humor and urban legends —- we need more humor on these boards— Seems like everybody’s got a new agenda - humor Is humor lighten up


Humor & Urban legends
Retire Early Liberal Edition
Atheist Fools

I don’t miss the raucous political boards, but I wish either RELE or AF was still around to discuss politics, especially with the changes going on throughout the country.


wecoguy writes: More importantly, we’ve all lost many vital, informed, inquisitive, helpful people in many areas of interest…

This gets back to the gist of Wendy’s Social Capital → Real Capital.

A community shares many ideas and concepts, not just financial.
The social communications are also important.

Health and Nutrition



Ya, I know there is discord

I’ve poked around in discord a bit. The discord interface makes TMF look good. And I’ll leave it at that.

–Peter <== not a fan of discord


Discord is for hype!

It is like entering a dark room and finding one of the pews to hear on high how wonderful things are.

No thanks.

I wont be doing that to other people either.

Interestingly, of all my marked Favorite boards, there are only 4 that have activity today, how can that be a viable NATIONAL discussion group of any kind… They really blew it…


It has been completely closed for several years now but the UK version of the Fool had completely separate message boards.

I very rarely posted there but it was interesting to lurk and read some of the threads which discussed topics from an almost completely non-US viewpoint.

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An Open Letter was quirky and certainly had its moments.


An Open Letter
Wild’s Trailerpark

77’s Foolish House of Pigskin

There has been a lot of football news lately and I keep wanting to go there and discuss.

To each his own.

Me? None.

Lurking on MASH was nice - but since those days Facebook has robust MASH group (yes I love talking about MASH and a multitude of other shows and movies - – ).

The sole thing I miss is that the boards allowed people to email each other and to this day, I’ve got 4 people where we discuss politics, etc weekly if not more. Met a few of the people - totally opposite of me opinion-wise and 4 out of 4 of my email buddies today are of opposite mindset - though privately I’ve come their way a bit, they’ve admitted coming my way a bit. Did some business with one of them and he was shocked - he’s sitting there “I can’t believe I’m doing this with YOU.” lol.

Again, to each his own - I don’t miss the boards, and some of them disappeared not because of TMF - but because people showed TMF those boards…well, bammo they are gone.

A board that I’ll miss for it’s utility is the Pandemic board. Strange to think that, say, 3 years ago it would’ve looked like a lonely hangout for alarmists (and I say that as the person forecasting a resurgence of preventable childhood diseases like measles etc way back in the mid aughts when there were still folk on the Health and Nutrition board showing all the signs of admiration for Andrew Wakefield’s “brave stance” in the face of Official Medicine’s intransigence)

On that note, about that polio…


Continued spread??? Yikes x 10!!!


I see the link to the closed Humor board has been removed.
Is there a way to access the thousands of jokes that were already on that site?


That…plus Running Fools and Weight training. Both pretty threadbare by the time they were closed but some of the posts I made were by way of a bookmark/diary entry and I’m finding out that they would’ve been of more interest than I realised down the line.