I just now found you!

For heaven’s sake … I have been on TMF since October of 1999.
I first moved to Liberty, Missouri in June of 2005 and then bought
a home in KCMO near North Kansas City Hospital. I lived there until
August of 2010 when I moved to San Diego County to care for my dad.
I was there 6 years and returned to KCMO after he died. I bought a
cute little house in Gladstone and moved in January 1st, 2017. I am
so happy to be back here.

How did I miss out of all of you for so long?


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I don’t live in Missouri, but I never heard of these Folly boards either. Huh. And they aren’t closing, so more people might be coming here…


Welcome, Robyn.

Yes, there are Folly boards for each state I think. Its a great place to link subjects of local interest.

Great to hear they will survive the purge. Not sure about the community boards usually linked from here.

But alas. We shall see how this works. Stay tuned.

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