I know I have the flu, but...

Has the start to this year been more rollercoaster-y than usual? Maybe it’s just me entering day 10 of the flu, but it feels like the tide is always either sharply going out or quickly coming in (with sometimes a couple of days of malaise in between). Hey, I’m not complaining. As of today, I am up 33% for the year. That’s a third of my port’s worth in 10 weeks. I know it will head down again as it has a handful of times since January 1st. And really, all I have done is not panic and to buy a few more shares of AYX and TTD here and there. I have full positions in everything so I am not going to be adding more to then. But I do appreciate Saul’s question about possible other companies for our attention.

For myself, I got rid of several smaller try-out positions at the end of last year. The only one I kept was DOCU which has grown a bit on its own. Right now, my port consists of:

TWLO 20.3%
AYX 18.5%
ZS 13.06%
TTD 12.23%
OKTA 10.23%
SQ 8.04%
ESTC 5.65%
MDB 4.17%
DOCU 3.72%

That’s the fewest amount of companies I have ever owned. Last year I did very well after cutting my 2017 positions (15) down to 12. Today I have 9. I am sitting on 5% cash after selling NTNX. It had been an 8% position but I used some of the money for the additional AYX and TTD purchases. If I found a company that truly called me to attention, I would sell a little here and there and buy a good position. But nothing is really speaking to me. I tried to get excited about TEAM, but I just couldn’t get there.

I guess I’ll just continue to sit back and not panic or celebrate during this year’s rollercoaster ride. Instead, I will appreciate the wonderful companies that are working for me and study all I can about them.

Okay, back to re-watching River on Netflix. It’s a great 6 episode BBC show about a detective and his partner. Brilliant writing and the acting is just wonderful. Nicola Walker is off the charts great.

Thanks for all everybody does here. I hope to find a company to add to our discussions.





It is amazing watching your portfolio evolve…

A few years back, you and I had similar portfolios…We owned all of the Stock Adviser Core Stocks which included Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google, etc…

Now you are laser focused…

So. . . now that you got your stock portfolio wired, will they let you take out enough money for a flu vaccine?

har har

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Generally been below average. Also, let’s keep in mind that you have a concentrated portfolio of stocks with higher than average volatility.

Plus we had (I think) two years of really low volatility in 2015/16ish, so we forgot what “normal” looked like.