OT - What I did today

I’ll be brief. As many of you know, I closed all my positions about a month ago. That decision was due to my perception of the impact of the pandemic. Though I do not make a habit of tracking sold positions, I did in this situation. Though I did achieve a measure of emotional relief, financially it was a blunder.

While I am still very concerned about the pandemic, today I put a third of cash back to work in the market. I purchased pretty close to equal measure in AYX, CRWD, DDOG, ROKU and ZM. In my opinion, these are all great companies. I don’t really have much more confidence in one of them over another, hence the equal measure in each. I intend to use another third of my cash for trading covered options. I will not say another thing about options as it is not appropriate for discussion on this board.

The only reason I am writing this post is because after I posted my withdrawal from the market, a board monitor posted that my original post was off topic (I agree) and folks should refrain from replying to it. As I recollect, that request was respected on the board, but I also received a fair number of off board replies. In that my action influenced the decisions of a number of folks that follow this board, I felt it appropriate that I post an update.

Please do not reply to me on the board. If you wish to reply, send me an off board message.