I thought that Canada was a rich country?

Quite an amazing statistic:

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The Captain

Advocates say* Toronto’s food insecurity has hit *crisis levels

The above highlights should be carefully considered when deciding whether or not to believe a "news story


I help a food bank here in the UK and find these figures astonishing, far higher than the figures I see here. However, I do live in a nice corner of England:

Nationally food bank usage is about 5% in Canada

The national average, for food bank usage, in Shiny-land is 1 in 7. The local metro Detroit “news” regularly whines about the pressure on local food banks.


What are the figures for London and Birmingham?

I am shocked. This news is true.

What is economically happening to Canada?

Are American factories going from Canada to Mexico?

Only thing I have found so far…

And on the noon metro Detroit “news” today, a piece about the huge lineup this morning, waiting for a semi full of free food from “Forgotten Harvest” to arrive.

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